SCA Officers & Committees

Every year, in the spring, the Trustees prepare a slate of nominees for the four officer slots and for the upcoming Trustee slot.  The slate is presented in the May/June edition of the SCAN and members vote on the slate at the June meeting.

In addition to the Executive Board, there are many opportunities to volunteer on the Standing Committees or on an event or activity.
All residents are encouraged to become members and all members are encouraged to get involved.

Board Officer and Committee POC information and descriptions are provided below:
2019 Officers
The President conducts the meetings and represents the community to the county government and other outside interests.
The Vice-President backs-up the President for meeting or other actions as requested by the President.
Noel Gregos
The Treasurer tracks, advises on and reports on the Association's finances.
Loretta Gieske
The Secretary records meeting proceedings and reports on the same in the next meeting.
    June 2016 - December 2019

Kelly Washington

Trustees are former SCA presidents.  They provide continuity for the Association.
    June 2017 - December 2020

Jim Gifford

Trustees are former SCA presidents.  They provide continuity for the Association.
    January 2019 - December 2021

Jan DeGilio

Trustees are former SCA presidents.  They provide continuity for the Association.
Parliamentarian** Vacant  

Alvin Auerbach

The Archivist maintains and is in charge of the Association's archives.
  **Appointed by the President     

Standing Committees
Chair: Vacant
Adminstration: Jeff DeGilio 
The Membership Committee maintains membership information, collects membership dues and recruits new members.
SCA Newsletters- Vacant
SCAN Advertising - Vacant

Website- Robert Forsyth /
John Powers / Jan DeGilio

Directory:  Need a Volunteer
Listserv- David Bennett
The Communications Committee publishes the periodic electronic newsletter (the "SCAN") and other community communication, administers the Website and periodically publishes a neighborhood directory.  The Listserv is not part of the SCA, but is mentioned here because if is an important community communication tool.
Legislative & Zoning (& Planning)
The Legislative and Zoning Committee addresses community interests in private and public land uses, master plans and zoning regulations which includes monitoring state and county legislation which may affect our community.
Community Security (& Safety)

The Safety & Security Committee addresses community interests on public health and safety and related environmental issues including but not limited to police and fire services.


Welcomes new residents to the neighborhood and provides basic information about the community and about the SCA.


Paula Cirincione*

Ensures proper maintenance and enhancement of "common-benefit" areas within Stonegate -- most notably the Notley Road and Stonegate Road entrances to the community.



Ensures facilities and equipment for meetings. Ensures subjects, materials and speakers.  Coordinates refreshments, as applicable.

Children's Events
    Spring Egg Hunt    
    4th of July Activities

Need Volunteers

The Children's Event Committee arranges special activities, events and programs for children.  Examples include the 4th of July parade
Adult Activities
    Annual SCA Anniversary Dinner

    Tennis List

    Book Clubs (Currently 2, both full)


Need Volunteers

The Adult Activities Committee coordinates various adult activities. 

If you would like to initiate and lead an adult activity, please contact the Membership Chair or any of the board members to discuss your idea.

Education Liaison
Need Volunteers

For more information or to volunteer, use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.