Events & Activities

Upcoming Events:

  • Be sure to see the "SCA Meetings" tab for information about the next scheduled SCA meeting.
  • SCA's 48th Annual Anniversary Dinner

Friday, April 27th, 2018, Cash bar starting at 7:00.  Dinner at 7:30.  

Join us at Argyle Country Club for a delicious 3-entree buffet dinner, including various delicious sides, beverages & desserts.  Price per person is $30, which includes everything (tip & gratuity) except the cash bar.  Advance reservations are a must! 

This year's honoree:  Kelly Washington!!

See the April SCAN (or the Stonegate Listserv) for more details! 

  • County Exec Candidate Forum

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 7:30 - ?, 3301 Briggs Chaney Road

Arranged by the Coalition of East County Citizens

See the April SCAN (or the Stonegate Listserv) for more details!

  • Greater Stonegate's 4th of July Celebration

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 -- Weather-Dependent!

Decorate those trikes, bikes, strollers & wagons for a patriotic parade through the neighborhood.  The parade route ends at the Stonegate pool, where there is a grilled picnic lunch followed by a leisurely afternoon at the pool.  

Be creative, because decorated trikes, bikes, strollers & wagons will be judged with sweet-treat prizes for the bestest in various categories.

Parade Start Time:  (Approximately) 11:00 (be sure to check back, here prior to the event.

Picnic Start Time:  Approximately 11:30.

This is a big & popular community event and volunteers are needed for every step, so please, step up to help in advance and for "day of" tasks! 

  • What's Happening in East County (and Elsewhere in MoCo)

The MoCo East County Regional Services Center publishes a weekly newsletter of upcoming meetings and events.  The listing is very comprehensive and includes events for families with young children through events and information for seniors.  For more information or to subscribe, contact:  

  • Is there an upcoming community event that you would like posted on the SCA website?  Please use "Contact Us" to let us know about it!


Many of the listed activities are not "SCA-originated".  Rather, they are driven by neighbors who have good ideas and a little extra time to promote community spirit in the form of activities for various sets of neighbors. 

  • The Tennis List:

Stonegate had a tennis list for about five years.  It has been "on-break" for several years, and now, thanks to a new volunteer coordinator, it is being re-activated.  This is not a ladder, it is just a list.  Adults of any playing level are welcome.  What a great way to get some exercise and socializing WITHOUT GETTING IN YOUR CAR!  Contact information for the Tennis List Coordinator is available from the Stonegate Listserv, or in the April 2018 SCA Newsletter!

  • Volleyball?

This is a new idea and the exact arrangments will depend on the interest and who volunteers to coordinate.  Contact information for volleyball is available on the Stonegate Listserv or in the April 2018 SCA Newsletter!

  • Bee-hive Colony?

This is a new idea prompted by the Fall 2017 SCA Meeting presentation.  Stonegate has it's own beekeeping concierge service entrepreneur, so a few neighbors are pooling together to set up a hive or two.  See the Stonegate Listserv for contact information.  

  • Gardening - Community Entrances

The SCA takes care of two of the community entrances.  An hour or two here or there of weeding, trimming and general picking up during the summer would be a big help. 

  • Gardening - (Invasive-Species) Weed Warriors at Maydale

Help once or help regularly.  This group sometimes works just once a month.  But when the invasive weeds are more tenacious, so are the Weed Warriors!  See the April SCAN for contact information.