Stonegate Listserv

Listserv Purpose:

To provide a public forum for informal information exchange and discussion among residents of Greater Stonegate.

How to Get Access to the Listserv:

1.  Read and become familiar with the Listserv guidelines shown below.

2.  Send an email to the Listserv moderator at  The subject line must be something like, "Request to be added to the Stonegate Listserv".  The email needs to include your name, address, phone number and email address. 

3.  The Listserv moderator will then send you an "invitation" email.

4.  When you reply to the "invitation" email activates your access.

5.  The email address for the listserv is

To request to be removed from the Listserv, follow instruction # 2 above, with the request to be removed in the subject line.

Managing Your Listserv Inbox:

Once you have access to the Listserv, you can configure how you receive emails.  Popular options include:

  • "Autopilot" - emails come to you as they are posted on the listserv.  This provide timely information, but can be a lot of traffic, so you may elect to have the emails go into a special folder -- something other than your general email inbox.
  • Once-a-day journal - This is not as timely, some people prefer the consolidated delivery.

Listserv Guidelines: (amended)

1.  Be respectful and courteous.

Please refrain from any personal and direct retorts to members of the community. Please disagree in a friendly and respectful manner. We all have very strong opinions, but we can disagree in a respectful manner without getting personal. Discussion of ideas is one of the best ways to learn. Discussion of people is counter-productive and to be avoided. All members of this list are equally important, and their opinions and ideas are equally valuable.

2.  Criminal Matters

We are all concerned about the crimes that occur in Stonegate.  As involved citizens, information sharing is important, but we must be careful about what we share and how we share it.  

Please do not post or solicit name, address or family member information of an alleged criminal perpetrator on the Stonegate List Serve.  Identifying someone (especially a minor), or speculating as to their identity, on the Listserv:

1) is something for which the poster and the SCA can be held liable;

2) may be incorrect and may cause more harm than good;

3) may damage the actual criminal case.  

Therefore, such emails are inappropriate and may not be posted on the Stonegate Listserv.  

If you have information identifying a specific alleged perpetrator(s), please contact the police.  While the Neighborhood Watch is a helpful community watch group, it does not have the authority to approach, detain, or arrest individuals before, during or after a criminal activity. 

3.  Business promotion

Members may ask for, or give, opinions or requests regarding some item or service of interest. If you are associated with a business you may answer that message with your business information. However, please do not initiate a message with your business information more than once in a six-month period.

4.  Partisan political activity on the listserv is prohibited

Any Listserv member who willfully violates this rule will be removed from membership in the Listserv. The reason for this rule: The Stonegate Citizens Association is a tax exempt organization under the 501(c)(3)rule of the Internal Revenue Service. If there is partisan political activity on the Listserv, this status will be revoked.

This does not exclude the discussion of issues on the Listserv, nor does it preclude the Stonegate Citizens Association from hosting candidate forums where all candidates for a particular elected office are invited to speak about issues but not to raise funds or distribute partisan literature.

5.  Be considerate of email volume

Typically, it is considered bad form to reply to the entire list with a message that only says "I agree" or "well said" or "me too." Those types of messages are best sent only to the author of the message. If you want to respond to the entire list, then try to add a reason for your agreement, or some other additional thought that furthers the discussion.

6. Make sure the subject is descriptive

 When starting a new topic, put the title of the topic on the Subject line. Do not use the title of a previous topic. If you don't use an appropriate subject description, then, people who are interested in your topic may never read your message.

7. Please trim your replies

When replying to a message, remove the extraneous material at the end of the message, if at all possible. Keep the parts of the original message that are germane to your reply, and delete the rest. 

8. Replies go to the entire list

Yes, everyone forgets sometimes. But, if you want to respond privately to the poster, you will need to insert their email address into the "to" for the email and delete the group address.

9. Re-read posts before sending

Since email is an impersonal type of communication, in which we are not afforded the benefit of body language or facial expressions to judge the intent or tone of the sender, we need to be certain that our words cannot be misconstrued so as to give offense.. Some people use emoticons to add helpful "tone" information. Regardless, it is helpful to read each message knowing the sender may have meant something entirely different from the meaning you ascribe to it. In the same way, it is always a good idea to re-read you own message before you send it, to make sure it is conveying your intended meaning.

Sometimes, with a hot issue, delaying the sending of your response and rereading it later, before sending it, is a good course of action.

Please Note:

We will periodically post these guidelines for the Listserv, which can also be found in the Files area of the listserv's Yahoo group.

Any listserv member who willfully violates the SCA Listserv guidelines may be removed from membership in the Listserv.


The information provided on the Listserv should not be interpreted as the official position of the Stonegate Citizens Association ("SCA").  Information provided on the Listserv reflects the opinions of the posting Listserv member.

The Stonegate Citizens Association disclaims liability for any injury, loss or damage that results from any Listserv posting.