About Us

SCA MISSIONTo serve the general welfare and community interests of the residents in the Greater Stonegate Community.


The Association represents the community's collective voice to advocate on school and road issues, legislation and zoning, development and neighborhood safety and security.  We are the community's interface with the county and other outside parties.  You must be an SCA member to vote on any issues.  Membership is by household, where each member household has one vote.    

To be a member of the SCA, you must reside in the Greater Stonegate Community which is made up of Stonegate, Naples, Stratford Woods, Bonifant Village or Old Salem Village. 

The annual dues are $20 per household.  Funds from membership dues and advertisers support production and distribution of the SCAN (the SCA's quarterly newsletter), the neighborhood website, maintenance of two community entrances, the annual 4th of July celebration, some speaker fees and other minor operational expenses. 

We are an all-volunteer organization, so member participation determines the vitality of the organization!